propellant and inflator technology
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airbag propellant
At ARC Automotive, Inc., our core values are: Safety, People, Commitment, Integrity and Communication. We strive to be the premier independent inflator company in the world - and our customers benefit from our commitment to exceeding expectations at every level.

Who we are
  • Nearly a 70-year-old company; solid and profitable
  • Strong automotive expertise and a long history in both propellant and inflator technology
  • Successful track record of bringing new technology to the market
  • Combination of manufacturing techniques from small cells to highly automated lines
  • Active certifications: TS 16949 & ISO 14001
  • Accredited to ISO17025 per USCAR
  • Excellent quality and delivery performance
  • We're committed to providing our customers innovation, high quality, competitive products and services
Our timeline
1949  –  Atlantic Research Corporation (ARC) was formed to develop propellants for the Department of Defense.
1970  –  ARC supplied propellant to Allied Chemical for automotive passenger-side airbag business.
1989  –  BAICO was established as a joint venture between ARC (propellant) & AlliedSignal (module).
1993  –  BAICO produced its first hybrid passenger inflators; BAGSpA, a joint venture between Atlantic Research, Allied Signal, and Gilardini was formed in Italy, with BAICO being the technology licenser.
1998  –  ARC acquired 100% share of BAICO interests and opens offices in Tokyo, Japan; Frankfurt, Germany; and Seoul, Korea.
2002  –  ARC offered inflator license technology to the automotive industry.
2005  –  ARC started manufacturing operations in Reynosa, Mexico and Xi'an, China.
2011  –  ARC expanded manufacturing to include an operation in Morgantown, KY
2015  –  ARC expands its global manufacturing footprint to Europe with its facility in Skopje, Macedonia.
2016  –  Yin Yi Group acquired 100% of ARC Automotive
2016  –  ARC opens its third US manufacturing facility in Hartsville, TN.
2017  –  ARC opens its second China manufacturing facility in Ningbo.

We are glad to introduce  our Yinyi automotive sisters companies:



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